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Oracle Modernization Solutions


About the Authors

About the Co-Authors


Introduction to Legacy Modernization

What We Won't Cover

Overview of the Modernization Options

Business Value — What Really Matters?


Overview of SOA Integration

Integrating SOA into a Legacy Framework

Drivers for SOA Integration

Where to Begin — a Word on Application Discovery

SOA Integration — Functional View, Implementation, and Architecture

SOA Integration: Functional View

SOA Integration: Technical View

SOA Integration

SOA Integration — Final Product Summary

IBM and Legacy SOA Integration


SOA Integraton — Scenario in Detail

Oracle Software Required

UML and Database Diagrams

Which Legacy Artifacts Should I Expose? — Using the Relativity Product Set

Exposing the Legacy VSAM File Data Access

Development Using Oracle JDeveloper

Deploying to the Oracle Application Server

Running the Example


Overview of Re-architecturing


Re-Architecture — Functional View, Implementation, and Architecture

Technical Advantages of Re-Architecture

Overcoming Barriers to Change

Decoupling the Application-Tiers

Re-Architecture is Happening

Re-architecture — Functional View

Implementation Process: Common Attributes, Approach for Batch, and Online Processes

Final Architecture — Common Oracle Products for Batch and Online

Hardware, Operating System, and IBM


Batch Systems Re-architecture Technical Deep Dive

Historical Reasons for Batch

Requirements of a Batch System

Technical View

Implementation Process

Recovery/Discovery Approaches

Final Oracle Batch Architecture


Online Systems Re-architecture Technical Deep Dive

History and Evolution of Online Systems

History of SOA and SaaS

Top Five Online Patterns

Technical View

Implementation Process — Online Systems

Oracle Implementation Tools and Source to Target Mapping

Final Oracle On-line Architecture


Re-Architecture — Scenario in Detail

Oracle Software Required

UML and Screen Flow Diagrams

Source Application

Oracle Target Architecture

Application Mining Using Relativity

Forward Engineering into Oracle and Java EE

Producing the Target User Interface and Navigation

Running the Presentation-Tier Mock-up in Oracle Application Server

Producing the Target Business Rules

Data Migration — A Quick, Easy, and a Cost-Effective Approach


Introduction to Re-Host based Modernization Using Tuxedo

Re-Hosting Based Modernization

Critical Success Factors in Mainframe Re-hosting

Files and Databases

Meeting Performance and Other QoS Requirements

Phased Migration and Mainframe Integration

SOA Enabling Re-hosted Applications

Further Re-architecture of Re-hosted Applications


Legacy Modernization — The Future

Extreme Processing


Technology Glossary

Technology Glossary

Technology Glossary