PacktLib: PHP and Web 2.0 Application Interfaces

PHP and Web 2.0 Application Interfaces


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Welcome to the world


The fun begins

Much more fun


Exploring Client-side Techniques with Prototype

About Prototype

Prototype features − a walk-through

Event handling

Redefining forms with Prototype

Getting more hands-on


Server-side Techniques with PHP and MySQL

Basic requirements

Getting the playground ready

Hands-on examples: Common scripts


Adding Effects and Multimedia to User Interface Design

Introduction to effects

Types of effects

Hands-on examples

Playing sounds with


AJAX Drag and Drop Feature using

Introduction to the drag and drop feature

Explanation of the drag and drop feature

Code usage of the drag and drop feature

Hands-on example: Creating a drag and drop sample in one line of code

Hands-on example: Advanced drag and drop tutorial


In-place Editing using

An introduction to the in-place editing feature

Getting started with in-place editing

Code usage of the in-place editing features and options

Creating Autocompletion using

Introduction to autocompletion

Explanation of the autocompletion feature

Code usage of autocompletion using remote sources

Code usage of autocompletion using local sources

Hands-on example: Autocompletion using remote sources

Hands-on example: Advanced autocompletion using remote sources for multiple fields

Hands-on example: Autocompletion using local sources


Slider for Dynamic Applications using

First steps with slider

Code usage for the slider

Tips and tricks with the slider

Hands-on example: Using vertical and horizontal slider

Summary in One Go

Hands-on example: Multiple features mash up

Hands-on example: Quick revision of all the features of in one page


Todonow: A Tadalist Clone

The BIG picture

Features and functionality

Creating a database playground

Let's log in...

User interface comes first

View all my lists

View all my lists along with a summary of incomplete items

Creating new lists

Adding items to our lists

Adding effects to our items

Mark items as completed

Convert completed items to incomplete status

Deleting lists

Let's wrap up and log out

Our Todonow is ready to go live


Creating Delicious and Digg Bookmarks Manager

Application at a glance

Features and functionality

The database playground for our application

User profile home page

Submit new tutorials

View tutorial

Deleting tutorials

Search using real-time autocompletion

Exploring the tag cloud features of 2.0 applications

Don't forget to log out

Ideas for life


Creating a Shopping Search Engine

Application at a glance

Features and functionalities

The user management system

Selecting the products to buy

Adding effects

Searching products

Searching products using the tag cloud


Common 43: 43 Things, 43 Places, and 43 People Clones

Getting the database ready

Advanced commenting system

Modules ready to go live

Adding 2.0 flavour to applications

Putting the building blocks together