PacktLib: Building Websites with ExpressionEngine 1.6

Practical Data Analysis and Reporting with BIRT


About the Author

About the Reviewer


Introduction to ExpressionEngine

Why Use a Content Management System?

How Does ExpressionEngine Fit In?

What Can ExpressionEngine Do?

How Does ExpressionEngine Measure Up?

Who is This Book Intended For?

Who is This Book Not Intended For?

What Can You Expect From This Book?

Further Reading and Resources

Getting Installed

What Do We Need to Get Started?

Download the ExpressionEngine Files

Upload the ExpressionEngine Files

Install ExpressionEngine

Logging into the Control Panel

Creating User-Friendly URLs


Start Posting

Toast for Sale!

Inside the Control Panel

Templates and URLs

Working with Multiple Templates

Creating Our First Entry

Viewing Our First Entry

Make Our Weblog Pretty Using CSS

Moving Our Elements Around



Creating an Easy to Maintain Website

Creating a New Weblog

Creating Custom Fields

Creating the First Draft of Our Home Page

Creating the Template for Our Conventional Website

Writng an About Us Page

Customizing Our URLs

Define a 404 Page Not Found

Writing a Menu for Our Website



Create an Advanced Weblog

Create a New Weblog

Customize Our Weblog Fields

Publish Our First Products

Create the Template for Our Product Showcase

Create Our Single-Entry Page

Allowing Comments on Our Weblog Entries

Improving Our 404 Page Not Found Capabilities

Using Variables




Setting Up Links for Member Functions on Our Menu

Registering As a New Member

The Member Profile

The Member List

Global Member Preferences

Introduction to Member Groups

Configuring Our Member Groups

Create a Member

Log in As Editor Phil

Creating a Member-Only Section

The Stand-Alone Entry Form (SAEF)

The Mailing List Module



Creating a Calendar

Create an Events Calendar Weblog

Create the Calendar Template

Create a Separate Template for Our Calendar Events

Displaying Events on Our Calendar

Displaying Upcoming Events Underneath Our Calendar

Going Further with Our Calendar



Creating a Photo Gallery

Install the Photo Gallery Module

Setting Up Our Photo Gallery

Upload Our First Photos

View Our Photo Gallery

Changing the Design of Our Photo Gallery

Advanced Photo Gallery Features

Creating a Photo Gallery without the Photo Gallery Module



Other Modules and Functionality

ExpressionEngine Add-Ons

More ExpressionEngine Features

Backups and Restores

Upgrading ExpressionEngine


Installing XAMPP

Installing XAMPP

Installing XAMPP

Installing XAMPP

Solutions to Exercises

Solutions to Exercises

Solutions to Exercises

Solutions to Exercises

Solutions to Exercises

Solutions to Exercises

Solutions to Exercises