PacktLib: WordPress Plugin Development: Beginner's Guide

WordPress Plugin Development


About the Author

About the Reviewer


Preparing for WordPress Development

How will you benefit?

Challenges involved

Plugins developed in this book

Tools for the job

Final notes


Social Bookmarking

Plugging in your first plugin

Displaying a Digg button

WordPress plugin hooks

Adding a Digg button using JavaScript code

Styling the output


Live Blogroll

Starting up with the blogroll

jQuery JavaScript library

JavaScript and WordPress

Creating the pop-up with CSS

Demystifying Ajax

The Wall

The main concepts behind the Wall plugin

Creating a widget

Widget controls

Create a WordPress page from the code

Handling user input

Managing Ajax comment submit

Dynamically load comments

Ajax security


Snazzy Archives

Using a class for plugin

Showing template output with shortcodes

Prepare archives

Apply styling and jQuery to archives

Creating plugin options page

Use plugin options

Caching the plugin output


Insights for WordPress

Creating custom panels in the editor screen

Searching the posts

Interacting with tinyMCE

Using Flickr API

Creating a tinyMCE plugin


Post Types

Handling localization

Adding a post template

Handling file and image uploads

Using custom fields

Quick post a link

Tinkering with WordPress backend menus

Programming the Manage panel

Handling error messages

User roles and capabilities


Development Goodies

Creating Localization files

Documentation and support

Code management and plugin repository


General plugin development guidelines

WordPress MU development

WordPress and GPL

Online resources