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Elgg Social Networking


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Social Networks and Elgg

Types of Social Networks

How Can a Social Network Help You?

Tools of the Trade

What's so Special About Elgg?

So, What can Elgg Do?


A Tour around Elgg

Playing With Elgg-Powered Networks

Sign Up

Account Settings

Your Profile

Customize Your Account

Define Access Privileges

Your Blog

Manage Your Files

Find People

Make Friends

Your Community

Your Messages

Your Resources

Your Presentation

Recent Activity


Users, Profiles, and Connections

Connecting to Friends and Users

Build a Profile

Making Friends with Internal Members

Attracting Visitors

Administration Options

Playing Boss

Limiting Users on the Site

Sharing Admin Rights

The Scope of an Elgg Administrator


Blogging and Resources

Handling Files

Start Blogging

Saving Drafts

Handling Improper Content

Preventing Spam

Downloading Blogs

Managing Resources

Podcasting with Elgg


Communities and Files

Creating Communities

Grooming the Community

Joining the Community

Using the Community

Other Community Administration

Community Forum

Handling Files

Send Messages

Sharing Bookmarks

Using Files


Customizing Elgg

Why Customize?

What Makes Up a Theme?

Controlling Themes

The Default Template

What are

and ?

The pageshell

The frontpage Files

Content Keywords

Hints for Designing a Custom Template

Adding Public Templates

Changing Templates

Creating Themes Based on Templates

Replacing the Default Template

Contributing Themes


Elgg Plug-Ins

General Structures of Plug-Ins

Things to Remember While Installing Plug-Ins

The Plug-Ins

How to Remove Plug-Ins

Upgrading Plug-Ins


Installing Elgg

Installing Elgg

Installing Elgg

Installing Elgg

Elgg Case Study

Elgg Case Study

Elgg Case Study

Elgg Case Study

Elgg Case Study