PacktLib: ODP.NET Developer’s Guide: Oracle Database 10g Development with Visual Studio 2005 and the Oracle Data Provider for .NET

ODP.NET Developer's Guide


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Introduction to ODP.NET

Introduction to ODP.NET

Why Use ODP.NET?

Introduction to Oracle Database Extensions for .NET

Introduction to Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio


Connecting to Oracle

Provider-Independent Model in ADO.NET 2.0

Connecting to Oracle Databases from .NET


Retrieving Data from Oracle Using ODP.NET

Fundamental ODP.NET Classes to Retrieve Data

Retrieving Data Using OracleDataReader

Working with Data Tables and Data Sets

More About the OracleCommand Object

Techniques to Improve Performance while Retrieving Data


Manipulating Data in Oracle Using ODP.NET

Executing DML or DDL Statements Using OracleCommand

Updating Offline Data to the Database Using OracleDataAdapter

Working with OracleCommandBuilder and OracleDataAdapter

Working with Transactions Using ODP.NET

Handling Oracle Errors and Exceptions


Programming ODP.NET with PL/SQL

Working with Anonymous PL/SQL Blocks

Working with PL/SQL Stored Procedures and Functions

PL/SQL Packages, Tables, and REF CURSOR


Dealing with Large Objects (LOBs)

Working with BFILEs

Working with BLOBs


XML and XML DB Development with ODP.NET

A Fast Track on XML with Oracle

Generating XML from Existing Rows in Tables

Manipulating Rows in a Table Using XML

Working with Native XML in Oracle Database


Application Development Using ODP.NET

Notifying Applications of Database Changes

Developing Long-Running Applications

Developing Web Applications Using ASP.NET and ODP.NET

Developing Web Reports Using ASP.NET

Object-Oriented Development Using ASP.NET and ODP.NET

Developing Web Services Using ODP.NET

Developing Smart Device Applications


Introduction to Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2005

Features of Oracle Developer Tools

Debugging PL/SQL Stored Procedures from Visual Studio

.NET CLR Stored Procedures in Oracle

Taking Advantage of Automatic .NET Code Generation