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Deep Inside osCommerce: The Cookbook



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Chop and Cream the Basic Design

1. Add Easy Top-Category Driven Stylesheets

2. Create Flexible Column Definitions


Serve them New Menus

3. Show Active Subcategories only in Your Category Box

4. Create Separate Boxes for Each Top Category

5. Simplify Category Box Navigation by Defining Specific Colors for Each Level

6. Add Extra Links to Your Category Box


Spice Up Your Infoboxes

7. Move Your Infobox Header closer to Content

8. Make Your Infobox Header Taller

9. Add a Pop-Up Page from an Infobox Link

10. Add Images to Infoboxes

11. Add Extra Images to Your Columns without Framing Boxes

12. Hide or Show Boxes Driven by Language Choice

13. Add Boxes Dedicated to Specified Countries

14. Define Box-Image Size Independent of Product Thumbs

15. Show Manufacturers' Logos in the Manufacturers Infobox

16. Add Double Borders to Boxes with Background Matting


Stuff Your Product Display

17. Add Parent Category in Product Listing

18. Add Top Category in Product Listing

19. Add a Separator Line in Product Listing

20. Add a Cell Background and an Image Border to Product Listing

21. Sort Product Listing by Date Added

22. Prepare a Quick 'n Easy Review System for Product Listing

23. Whip Up a Top-Category Driven Product Listing

24. Control Manufacturer Image Size

25. Call a Pop Up from Product Description in Product Info

26. Call Unique Code for a Single Product in Product Info

27. Show a Pop Up with Shipping Options in Product Info

28. Add an Anchor for Options in Product Info

29. Integrate Tell a Friend into Product Info

30. Offer an Ask a Question about a Product Link on Product Info

31. Sell Affiliate Products from Your Catalog

32. Fill Up Also Purchased Products Search Result

33. Limit New Products to Those with an Image

34. Set Column Count for New Products


Dish Up a Better Search

35. Add Help Text to Your Search-Box Input Field

36. Set the Search-Result Value Independent of Admin Listings

37. Add an All Manufacturers Page to the Manufacturers Infobox

38. Customize Your Product Listing with Individual Boxes for Each Manufacturer


Grill that Checkout Process

39. Make Removing Products from the Cart more Intuitive

40. Remove Delivery Address Modification from Your Shipping Page

41. Modify Shipping Method Display for the Confirmation Page

42. Add a Sophisticated Gift Wrapping Option to the Shipping Page

43. Add the Option to Donate during Checkout

44. Personalize Your Order Confirmation Email

45. Add Your Customers' Email Addresses and Phone Numbers to Your Order Confirmation Email

46. Add Your Customers' Fax Numbers to Your Order Confirmation Email

47. Add the Products' Manufacturers to Your Order Confirmation Email

48. Add the Products' Category Tree to Your Order Confirmation Email


Whip Up New Shipping Options

49. Add Multiple Flat Rate Shipping Modules

50. Add Percentage and Base Price Support to Table Rate

51. Allow Free Postage for Free Items

52. Limit Flat Rate Shipping to a Specific Top Category Only

53. Hide Shipping Modules Driven by Weight

54. Create a Per Item Shipping Module with Two Price Levels


Season Your Payment Modules

55. Hide Payment Modules from Public Eyes

56. Create Dependencies between Shipping and Payment Modules

57. Offer Customized Payment Options for Selected Customers


Cook Up a Multiple Banner System

58. Set Up Category-Driven Banners

59. Create Rotating Banners that Link within Your Own Shop


Throw Together Dessert Extra Treats for You!

60. Display a Dynamic Shipping Table for Table Rate Shipping

61. Restructure and Customize Your File Download Module

62. Create a Dual Website Combining Shopping Cart and Showroom Features


Beef Up Your Admin

63. Reset Date Added for Products

64. Set an Expiry Date for Products

65. Limit Also Purchased Products Selection by Date

66. Display Full Information for Customer, Delivery, and Billing Addresses at a Glance

67. Highlight Orders According to their Order Status

68. Sort Your Administration Menu Configuration-Box Entries

69. Allow Entering Products in an Additional Currency