PacktLib: Learning PrimeFaces Extensions Development

Learning PrimeFaces Extensions Development


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Introducing PrimeFaces Extensions

An introduction to PrimeFaces Extensions and its features

Installing and configuring PrimeFaces Extensions

Creating a HelloWorld application using PrimeFaces Extensions

Working with PrimeFaces Extensions project resources

Community support and a showcase for PrimeFaces Extensions


Enhanced Form and Editor Components

Introducing the JobHub application, requirements, and design

The commonly used input components and their features

Advisory tooltips, remoteCommand components, and their features

Working with advanced dynamic forms and editor components


Layout and Screen Blocking Components

Creating pages based on the layout component and understanding their features

Waypoint as a scroll context component and its features

BlockUI and Spotlight-masking components and their features


The Enriched Data Container and QR Code Components

Understanding the MasterDetail component and its various features

Explaining the FluidGrid cascading component and its features

Newly added QR codes and their usages


Time Tracking and Scheduling Components

Understanding the highly configured TimePicker component and its features

JobHub in action

Managing events using the TimeLine component

Internationalization support


Extended Data Reporting and Image Components

Introducing exporter components and its features

Understanding and implementing fully controlled custom exporter

Working with image components for image manipulation


Common Utility Solutions, Error Handling, and Plugins

Common utility components, functions, and their features

The Ajax error handling component and its usage

The Maven resource optimizer plugin and its features