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Magento Responsive Theme Design


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Beginning a Responsive Magento Theme

Creating your Magento theme

Enabling your new theme in Magento

Adding the media queries to your Magento theme

Styling images responsively in your Magento theme

Styling e-commerce navigation responsively in Magento


Making Your Store Responsive

Laying out your website's header and footer

Responsive product page layout in Magento

Responsive category page layout

Dealing with Magento search results responsively


Responsive Checkout and Cart in Magento

Responsive shopping cart in Magento

Responsive one page checkout in Magento

Styling Magento customer account pages responsively


Enhancing Your Responsive Magento Theme

Supporting CSS media queries in Internet Explorer with css3-mediaqueries.js

Improving Magento store data entry for customers

Using the CSS @font-face rule to use custom fonts in your Magento theme