PacktLib: Mastering Adobe Captivate 7

Mastering Adobe Captivate 7



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Getting Started with Captivate

Obtaining Captivate

A glance at the Captivate production process

Touring the Captivate interface

Exploring the sample applications

Discussing the sample apps scenario


Meet the community

Capturing the Slides

Choosing the right resolution for the project

Shooting your first movie

The inner working of the Captivate capture engine

Controlling Captivate during the shooting session

Exploring the preferences

Shooting the other versions of the project

Shooting with System Audio

The Video Demo recording mode

Automatic and manual panning

Rescaling a project


Meet the community

Working with Standard Objects

Preparing your work

Working with the Properties panel

Exploring the objects of Captivate

Using the Align toolbar

Working with the Timeline panel

Adding effects to objects

Working with the Library panel


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Working with Styles, Master Slides, Themes, and Templates

Working with Styles

Working with the Themes

Creating a Theme

Working with Templates


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Adding Interactivity to the Project

Preparing your work

Working with Buttons

Discovering Rollover objects

Creating a simulation

Working with the Drag and Drop Interaction

Objects and Animations in Video Demo projects


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Working with Audio

Preparing your work

Adding audio to objects

Adding background music to the entire project

Adding audio to slides

Using Text-to-Speech to generate narration

Using the Advanced Audio Management window

Adding Closed Captions to the slides


Meet the community

Working with Quizzes

Preparing your work

Introducing the quiz

Creating Question Slides

Previewing the quiz

Creating a Pretest

The Quiz Preferences

Working with Question Pools

Styling the elements of the Question Slides

Reporting scores to an LMS

Using as an alternate reporting method


Meet the community

Finishing Touches and Publishing

Preparing your work

Finishing touches

Publishing a Captivate project


Meet the community

Using Captivate 7 with Other Applications

Preparing your work

Integrating Captivate with PowerPoint

Localizing a Captivate project using Microsoft Word

Exporting the project to XML

Importing a Photoshop file into Captivate

Exporting to Flash Professional


Meet the community

Reviewing a Captivate Project

Preparing your work

The review process at a glance

Distributing the project

Commenting a Captivate project

Collecting and addressing comments


Meet the community

Variables, Advanced Actions, and Widgets

Preparing your work

Working with Variables

Working with Advanced Actions

Understanding and using Widgets

Working with Smart Learning interactions


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