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HTML5 Data and Services Cookbook


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Display of Textual Data


Rounding numbers for display

Padding numbers

Displaying metric and imperial measurements

Displaying formatted dates in the user's time zone

Displaying the dynamic time that has elapsed

Displaying Math

Creating an endless scrolling list

Creating a sortable paginated table

Creating multiple-choice filters

Creating range filters

Creating combined complex filters

Displaying code in HTML

Rendering Markdown

Autoupdating fields

Display of Graphical Data


Creating a line chart

Creating a bar chart

Creating a pie chart

Creating an area chart

Displaying combined charts

Creating a bubble chart

Showing a map with a marked location

Showing a map with a path

Displaying gauges

Displaying a tree

LED scoreboard using web fonts

Animated Data Display


Making a motion chart

Displaying a force directed graph

Making a live range chart filter

Making an image carousel

Zooming and panning a chart

Using the web notifications API

Creating interactive Geo charts from a dataset

Using HTML5 Input Components


Using the text input field

Using textarea

Inputting dates

Inputting time

Telephone input

Range input field

Color picker input

Using single-choice dropdowns

Using multiple-choice select lists

Getting geographical location input

Using file inputs at the client side

Using a drag-and-drop file area

Custom Input Components


Using contentEditable for basic rich text input

Advanced rich text input

Creating a drop-down menu

Creating custom dialogs

Creating autocomplete for input

Creating a custom single-selection list

Creating a multiple-selection list

Geographic location input using maps

Data Validation


Validating text by length

Validating numbers by range

Using the built-in pattern validation

Advanced use of built-in constraints and custom validations

Calculating password strength

Validating US zip codes

Using asynchronous server-side validation

Combining client-side and server-side validation

Data Serialization


Deserializing JSON to JavaScript objects

Serializing objects to a JSON string

Decoding base64 encoded binary data

Encoding binary data or text into base64

Serializing binary data into JSON

Serializing and deserializing cookies

Serializing a form into request strings

Reading XML documents with DOMParser

Serialization of XML document at the client side

Communicating with Servers

Creating an HTTP GET request to fetch JSON

Creating a request with custom headers

Versioning your API

Fetching JSON data with JSONP

Reading XML data from server

Using the FormData interface

Posting a binary file to the server

Creating an SSL connection with Node.js

Making real-time updates with Ajax Push

Exchanging real-time messages using WebSockets

Client-side Templates


Rendering objects using Handlebars

Rendering objects using EJS

Rendering objects using Jade

Rendering arrays using Handlebars

Rendering arrays using EJS

Rendering arrays using Jade

Simplifying templates with helpers in Handlebars

Reusing templates with partials in Handlebars

Reusing templates with partials in EJS

Using filters in Jade

Using mixins in Jade

Using layouts and blocks in Jade

Data Binding Frameworks


Creating a basic Angular view with data binding

Rendering lists and using Angular controllers

Routing, filters, and backend services in Angular

Using Angular's client-side validation

Making a chart component with Angular directives

Structuring applications for Meteor.js

Reactive programming and data in Meteor.js

Live HTML and user-specific data in Meteor.js

Security mechanisms in Meteor.js

Data Storage


Data URI

Session and local storage

Reading data from files

Using IndexedDB

Limits of the storage and how to ask for more

Manipulating the browser history



Playing audio files

Playing video files

Customizing controls for media elements

Adding text to your video

Embedding multimedia

Converting text to speech using HTML5 audio

Installing Node.js and Using npm

Installing Node.js and Using npm

Installing Node.js and Using npm

Installing Node.js and Using npm

Community and Resources

Community and Resources

Community and Resources

Community and Resources