PacktLib: Learning Android Intents

Learning Android Intents


About the Authors

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Understanding Android

Introducing Android

Understanding the whys and whens of Android

Official IDE from Google – the Android Studio

Building blocks of an Android application

Android Activity lifecycle


Introduction to Android Intents

Role of intents in an Android Application

Intent – a technical overview

Implementation of Android Intents for Activity Navigation

Structure of an intent


Intent and Its Categorization

Explicit intents

Implicit intents

Intents and Android late binding


Intents for Mobile Components

Common mobile components

Components and intents


Data Transfer Using Intents

Finding the need to transfer data

Data transfer between activities – an INTENTed way

Data transfer in explicit intents

Methods of data transfer between activities

Data and the implicit intents


Accessing Android Features Using Intents

Features of Android OS

Android features versus components

Common Android features

Android features and intents

The and tags

Sharing using the SEND action

Telephony and making calls using intents

SMS/MMS using intents

Notification using intents


Intent Filters

Intent object and its categorization

Intent filters

Handling multiple intent filters

Test components of an intent filter


Broadcasting Intents

Broadcasting in the Android OS

Built-in broadcasts in Android systems

Detecting the low-battery state of a device

Detecting the screen on/off state of a phone

Detecting the cell phone's reboot-completed state

Sending and receiving custom broadcasts


Intent Service and Pending Intents

Intent Service

Usage and implementation of Intent Service

Pending Intents