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Magento Search Engine Optimization


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Preparing and Configuring Your Magento Website

Focusing on your keywords

The role of the home page

Structuring our categories for better optimization

Optimizing our CMS pages

Optimizing our titles, content, and meta information

Adjusting our Magento configuration for SEO

Default settings

XML sitemap

Google Analytics


Product and Category Page Optimization

Optimizing titles and descriptions for the SERPs

Optimizing our URL keys

Layout and content considerations

Optimizing images and selling your product

Implementing schema (rich snippets)

Implementing social sharing for products


Managing Internationalization and Multiple Languages

Choosing the right domain structure for multiregional websites

Store-specific configuration

Avoiding duplicate content when translating pages


Template/Design Adjustments for SEO and CRO

Organizing our heading structure

Integrating the breadcrumb and organization schema

Adding rel=next/prev to our category pagination

Adding reviews directly onto our product pages

Removing unwanted blocks from the checkout


Speeding Up Your Magento Website

SEO benefits of a fast Magento website

Magento configuration settings to increase speed

.htaccess modifications

Server-side performance and scalability

Online tools to test performance


Analyzing and Tracking Your Visitors

An overview of e-commerce analytics reports

Understanding Multi-Channel Funnels

Adding events to track phone number clicks

Universal Analytics

Implementing and analyzing content experiments


Technical Rewrites for Search Engines

Additional .htaccess modifications

Improving our robots.txt file

Resolving layered-navigation duplicate content


Purpose-built Magento Extensions for SEO/CRO

Installing extensions

Popular SEO-specific Magento extensions

Extensions to help improve CRO

Noteworthy extension developers