PacktLib: Getting Started with Phalcon

Getting Started with Phalcon


About the Author

About the Reviewers


Installing Phalcon

Phalcon system requirements

Installing Phalcon on Windows

Installing Phalcon on Linux

Installing Phalcon on Mac

Installing Phalcon on FreeBSD

Optional Phalcon dependencies

Finding help


Setting Up a Phalcon Project

Folder structure

Using .htaccess files

The bootstrap file

Using a configuration file

Phalcon Developer Tools

Setting up Phalcon\Debug

Nginx configuration


Using Phalcon Models, Views, and Controllers

Introducing MVC

Creating a database

Creating a model

Creating a controller

Creating CRUD scaffolding

Examining our Posts model

Examining our Posts controller

Examining our Post views


Handling Data in Phalcon

Adding models

Storing session data in Phalcon

Filtering and sanitizing data

Phalcon models revisited

Using PHQL

Switching databases in Phalcon

Phalcon's Object-Document Mapper and MongoDB

Migrating databases


Using Phalcon's Features

Hashing passwords with Phalcon

Using Phalcon view helpers

Setting cookies

Controlling user access

Applying the finishing touches to our application

Sending update pings

Using view partials

Caching in Phalcon

Setting up a cache service

Routing in Phalcon

Other project types of Phalcon