PacktLib: Getting Started with SOQL

Getting Started with SOQL


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Introduction to SOQL

What is SOQL?

Purpose of SOQL

SOQL syntax

Writing your first SOQL statement


Basic SOQL Statements

The alias notation

The WHERE clause

The comparison operators

The IN operator

The logical operators

The ORDER BY clause

The INCLUDES and EXCLUDES operators


Advanced SOQL Statements

Relationship queries

Filtering multiselect picklist values

The escape sequences

The date formats

The date literals

Querying with the date fields

Sorting in both the ascending and descending orders

Using the GROUP BY ROLLUP clause

Using the FOR REFERENCE clause

Using the FOR VIEW clause

Using the GROUP BY CUBE clause

Using the OFFSET clause


Functions in SOQL

Using the toLabel() method

Using the GROUP BY clause

Using the COUNT() method

Using the COUNT(Field_Name) method

Using the COUNT_DISTINCT() method

Using the MIN() method

Using the MAX() method

Using the SUM() method

Using the HAVING clause


Limitations and Best Practices

Standards to be followed in SOQL

Best practices

Limitations in objects

Other limitations


Tools with Installation Guidelines

Using the Explorer software


The Apex Data Loader tool


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Review Questions

Review Questions

Review Questions

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