PacktLib: Magento Site Performance Optimization

Magento Site Performance Optimization


About the Author

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Starting with the Right Hardware

Measuring performance

Evaluating your needs

Selecting a trusted company

Handling more than what you physically can


Choosing the Best Web Server

Evaluating your needs

Choosing the best server for your e-commerce website

Installing the Apache HTTP server 2.2.22

Installing the lighttpd 1.4.28 web server

Installing the Nginx 1.1.19 web server


Tuning, Scaling, and Replicating MySQL

Understanding why MySQL is too stressed

Configuring MySQL for high performance

Optimizing our table

Truncating some tables for performance

Moving MySQL to its own dedicated server

Replicating MySQL on a slave server


Caching Them All

What is caching?

Exploring built-in Magento caching mechanisms

Using RAM to store cache files

Installing other caching tools

Understanding the limitations of cache mechanisms

HipHop Virtual Machine