PacktLib: Rails 4 Application Development HOTSHOT

Rails 4 Application Development HOTSHOT


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A Social Recipe-sharing Website

Mission briefing

Creating mockups

Adding test data and creating tests

Adding categories

Creating and adding recipes

Creating associations – recipes and categories

Adding authentication

Beautifying your views

Mission accomplished

Hotshot challenges

Conference and Event RSVP Management

Mission briefing

Creating and administrating events

Creating search-friendly URLs for events

Adding tags to events

Tagging-based search and tag cloud

Adding Gravatar for a user

Creating RSVPs for events

Adding event moderation

Creating "My events" to manage events created by users

Mission accomplished

Hotshot challenges

Creating an Online Social Pinboard

Mission briefing

Creating file uploads and image resizing

Creating an infinitely scrollable page

Creating a responsive grid layout

Adding a full-text search

Resharing the pins and creating modal boxes using jQuery

Enabling the application to send a mail

Securing an application from cross-site scripting or XSS

Mission accomplished

Hotshot challenges

Creating a Restaurant Menu Builder

Mission briefing

Creating organizations with sign up

Creating restaurants, menus, and items

Creating user roles

Creating plans

Creating subdomains

Adding multitenancy and reusable methods

Creating a monthly payment model, adding a free trial plan, and generate a monthly bill

Exporting data to a CSV format

Mission accomplished

Hotshot challenges

Building a Customizable Content Management System

Mission briefing

Creating a separate admin area

Creating a CMS with the ability to create different types of pages

Managing page parts

Creating a Haml- and Sass-based template

Generating the content and pages

Implementing asset caching

Mission accomplished

Hotshot challenges

Creating an Analytics Dashboard using Rails and Mongoid

Mission briefing

Creating a MongoDB database

Creating a click-tracking mechanism

Creating a visit-tracking mechanism

Writing map-reduce and aggregation to fetch and analyze data

Creating a dashboard to display clicks and impression values

Creating a line graph of the daily click activity

Creating a bar graph of the daily visit activity

Creating a demographic-based donut chart

Mission accomplished

Hotshot challenges

Creating an API Mashup – Twitter and Google Maps

Mission briefing

Creating an application login with Twitter

Calling all Twitter friends

Getting latitude and longitude details of the user's location

Passing Twitter data to the Google Maps API using Rails

Displaying friends on the map using the Google API

Creating points of interest – filter users based on their location

Mission accomplished

Hotshot challenges

API Only Application – Backend for a Mobile App

Mission briefing

Creating, editing, and deleting notes

Arranging notes category wise

Sending join data via JSON

Creating an OAuth2 provider

Generating API keys

Securing the application

Mission accomplished

Hotshot challenges

Video Streaming Website using Rails and HTML5

Mission briefing

Uploading the video

Encoding the video

Displaying the video panel and playing the video

Caching the content – text and video

Queuing the job

Mission accomplished

Hotshot challenges

A Rails Engines-based E-Commerce Platform

Mission briefing

Creating a category and product listing

Creating a shopping cart and an Add to Cart feature

Packaging the engine as a gem

Mounting the engine on a blank Rails application

Customizing and overriding the default classes

Mission accomplished

Hotshot challenges