PacktLib: Blender 3D Printing Essentials

Blender 3D Printing Essentials


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Designing Objects for 3D Printing

Opportunities to use your 3D printer

How a 3D printer works

Types of 3D printers

Basic parts of a 3D printer

How is a 3D printer controlled?

The Peachy printer

Modeling dimensions

File sizes

Polygon sizes

Factors affecting precision

Controlling printing costs

Materials for 3D printing

3D printing and your health

What happens at a 3D printing service?


Measuring and Texturing Techniques for 3D Printing

Precision modeling in Blender

Preparing the model for coloring


Making a Blender Model that's Ready to Print

What is special about 3D printing?

Installing the Print3D toolbox

Introducing the Print3D toolbox

Introducing the Mesh Analysis panel

Setting up the units of the scene

Making a 3D model that will print

Typical problem areas with a model

Economizing when 3D printing


Making Strong, Light Objects with the Solidify Modifier

Optimizing wall thickness

Using Solidify for proper wall thickness

Making the dragon useful

Exporting your 3D object


3D Printing References

3D Printing References