PacktLib: Getting started with JUCE

Getting Started With JUCE


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Installing JUCE and the Introjucer Application

Installing JUCE for Mac OS X and Windows

Building and running the JUCE Demo application

Building and running the Introjucer application

Creating a JUCE project with the Introjucer application

Documentation and other examples


Building User Interfaces

Creating buttons, sliders, and other components

Responding to user interaction and changes

Using other component types

Specifying colors

Using drawing operations

Configuring complex component arrangements


Essential Data Structures

Understanding the numerical types

Specifying and manipulating text strings

Measuring and displaying time

Using dynamically allocated arrays

Employing smart pointer classes


Using Media Files

Using simple input and output streams

Reading and writing image files

Playing audio files

Working with the Binary Builder tool


Helpful Utilities

Using the dynamically typed objects

Employing undo management

Adding XML support

Understanding how JUCE handles multiple threads

Storing application properties

Adding menu bar controls