PacktLib: Application Development with Qt Creator

Application Development with Qt Creator


About the Author


About the Reviewers


Getting Started with Qt Creator

Downloading Qt Creator

Finding your way around Qt Creator

Your first application – Hello World

Hello World using Qt Quick


Building Applications with Qt Creator

Getting started – our sample library

Learning the landscape – the Build menu and .pro files

Linking against our sample library

Getting lost and found again – debugging

The Projects pane and building your project

A review – running and debugging your application


Designing Your Application with Qt Designer

Code interlude – signals and slots

Creating forms in Qt Designer

Instantiating forms, message boxes, and dialogs in your application

Wiring the Qt GUI application logic

Code interlude – Qt Quick and QML syntax

Creating Qt Quick applications in Qt Designer


Localizing Your Application with Qt Linguist

Understanding the task of localization

Marking strings for localization

Localizing your application with Qt Linguist

Including localized strings in your application

Localizing special things – currencies and dates with QLocale


Performance Optimization with Qt Creator

The QML performance analyzer

Finding memory leaks with Valgrind


Developing Mobile Applications with Qt Creator

A mobile software development primer

Setting up Qt Creator for Android


Qt Tips and Tricks

Writing console applications with Qt Creator

Integration with version control systems

Configuring coding style and coding format options

Building from the command line

Setting Qt Quick window display options

Learning more about Qt