PacktLib: Pentaho for Big Data Analytics

Pentaho for Big Data Analytics


About the Authors

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The Rise of Pentaho Analytics along with Big Data

Pentaho BI Suite – components

Edge over competitors


Setting Up the Ground

Pentaho BI Server and the development platform

Prerequisites/system requirements

Obtaining Pentaho BI Server (Community Edition)

The JAVA_HOME and JRE_HOME environment variables

Running Pentaho BI Server

Pentaho User Console (PUC)

Pentaho Action Sequence and solution

The JPivot component example

The message template component example

The embedded HSQLDB database server

Pentaho Marketplace

Saiku installation

Pentaho Administration Console (PAC)

Creating data connections


Churning Big Data with Pentaho

An overview of Big Data and Hadoop

The Hadoop architecture

Pentaho Data Integration (PDI)

Importing data to Hive

Putting a data file into HDFS

Loading data from HDFS into Hive (job orchestration)


Pentaho Business Analytics Tools

The business analytics life cycle

Preparing data

Pentaho Reporting

Data visualization and dashboard building


Visualization of Big Data

Data visualization

Data source preparation

Visualizing data using CTools

CSS styling


Big Data Sets

Big Data Sets

Big Data Sets

Big Data Sets

Hadoop Setup

Hadoop Setup

Hadoop Setup

Hadoop Setup

Hadoop Setup