PacktLib: Kivy: Interactive Applications in Python

Kivy: Interactive Applications in Python


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GUI Basics – Building an Interface

Hello World!

Basic widgets – labels and buttons


Embedding layouts

Our Project – comic creator


Graphics – The Canvas

Basic shapes

Images, colors, and backgrounds

Rotating, translating, and scaling

Comic creator – PushMatrix and PopMatrix


Widget Events – Binding Actions

Attributes, id and root

Basic widget events – dragging the stickman

Localizing coordinates – adding stickmen

Binding and unbinding events – sizing limbs and heads

Binding events in the Kivy language

Creating your own events – the magical properties

Kivy and properties


Improving the User Experience

Screen manager – selecting colors for the figures

Color Control on the canvas – coloring figures

StencilView – limiting the drawing space

Scatter – multitouching to drag, rotate, and scale

Recording gestures – line, circles, and cross

Simple gestures – drawing with the finger


Invaders Revenge – An Interactive Multitouch Game

Invaders Revenge – an animated multitouch game

Atlas – efficient management of images

Boom – simple sound effects

Ammo – simple animation

Invader – transitions for animations

Dock – automatic binding in the Kivy language

Fleet – infinite concatenation of animations

Scheduling events with the Clock

Shooter – multitouch control

Invasion – moving the shooter with the keyboard

Combining animations with '+' and '&'