PacktLib: Hudson 3 Essentials

Hudson 3 Essentials


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Why Hudson?

Benefits of Hudson

IT roles in relation to Hudson

Hudson plugins and integrations

The Hudson back story


Installing and Running Hudson

Environment variables

Hudson prerequisites

Downloading Hudson

Running Hudson WAR without an application server

Unix/Linux installation

Tomcat installation and setup

Deploying Hudson to Tomcat

JBoss AS 7 installation and setup

Deploying Hudson to JBoss AS 7

GlassFish 4 installation and setup

Modifying GlassFish 4 settings

Deploying Hudson to GlassFish 4

Hudson CI Server initial setup

Hudson Home directory


Configuring and Securing Hudson

Hudson home page

Hudson help

Configuring Hudson

Configuring the system

Configuring Hudson for sending e-mails

Backing up Hudson

Configuring security

Defining a simple security policy


Installing and Developing Hudson Plugins

What is a plugin?

Installing plugins

The ThinBackup plugin

Creating a Hudson plugin

The sample-plugin project source code on Github


Building and Delivering with Hudson

Using Maven to build a sample project

The Hudson home directory structure

Using Gradle to build a sample project

Using Grails to build a sample project

Deploying a WAR file to an application server

Performing a custom action with a Groovy script


Testing and Reporting with Hudson

The hudsonDemoProject

Generating and publishing Javadoc

Running and publishing JUnit test reports

Static source code analysis

Trend analysis of hudsonDemoProject


Upgrading Hudson and the Team Concept feature

Checking Hudson and plugin upgrade availability

Backing up Hudson

Team Concept


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Online Resources

Online Resources

Online Resources

Online Resources