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Creating custom pop-up labels on a bar chart

Creating a box plot chart for a simple data set

Using the wizard to create a box plot chart

Creating a "Stephen Few" bullet chart

Creating a modified bullet chart in a straight table

Creating a bar chart in a straight table

Creating a Redmond Aged Debt Profile chart

Creating a waterfall chart

Replacing the legend in a line chart with labels on each line

Creating a secondary dimension in a bar chart

Creating a line chart with variable width lines

Brushing parallel coordinates

Using redundant encoding with a scatter chart

Staggering labels in a pie chart

Creating dynamic ad hoc analysis in QlikView



Changing the default object layout options

Changing the default selection color scheme

Modifying the green, white, and gray selection color schemes

Modifying the green, white, and gray selection color schemes in QlikView Server

Using containers as an alternative to multiboxes

Using the design menus to custom format a cell

Set Analysis


Using dollar expansion in Set Analysis to enable from-date and to-date selection

Using alternate states with Set Analysis

Using Set operators to exclude values from results

Using Set Analysis with a Date Island

Using Sets to avoid key tables

Advanced Aggregations


Using TOTAL to calculate the percentage of total and subtotal

Using AGGR to calculate the percentage of the maximum value

Using AGGR to resolve a "Sum of Rows" issue

Creating a dynamic AGGR expression for a Group dimension using Dollar Expansion

Using RangeMax to return only positive numbers

Creating a dynamic Part-to-Whole pie chart

Creating a colored treemap using colormix

Using RangeSum to calculate a rolling total in a multidimension table

Showing only the top 3 values in a pivot table

Creating a Statistical Control Chart using Standard Deviation

Creating a Moving Range chart

Creating a control chart using Moving Range

Advanced Coding


Extracting QlikView data to a Word report

Printing reports to PDF using PDFCreator

Creating a chart using a macro

Using VBS functions in charts

Data Modeling


Concatenation of fact tables to avoid loops and synthetic keys

Creating a Key/Link table in QlikView



Creating a simple HTML extension

Creating a simple HTML table

Creating an interactive extension

Using external libraries with extensions

Useful Functions


Handling null in numeric fields or calculations

Using Dual to handle period name sorting

Parsing text to numbers and dates

Calculating Year To Date dynamically

Labeling a pie chart to replace the legend

Calculating the lowest or highest value in a range

Consolidating a date-time value into quarter hourly segments

Dynamically filtering by From/To dates



Creating flags in the script

Replacing IsNull

Storing and dropping using a subroutine

Keeping a trace on things

Using the AND mode in listboxes

Using Exists and Keep to limit the data load

Setting the default display format

Setting the default sort order

Matching financial periods to dates

Handling partial reload in the script

Using Peek and Previous to calculate against loaded records

Creating a simple Gantt for a dashboard using Interval Match

Reading users from Active Directory

Getting a sub-URL using the Table wizard

Using parameters in Dollar Sign Expansion

Removing fields with a wildcard

Handling multiple subfolders in a script

Improving Performance


Reducing the number of distinct values

Creating counter fields to avoid Count Distinct

Creating flag fields to avoid Sum of If and other inefficient expressions

Denormalizing for performance



Section Access gotchas

Blocking user access to a field using OMIT

Making all values available to Admins and Managers