PacktLib: Oracle APEX Cookbook : Second Edition

Oracle APEX Cookbook Second Edition


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Creating a Basic APEX Application


Creating an APEX 4.0 application

Creating a simple form page

Creating a simple report

Implementing an interactive report

Creating a chart

Creating a map chart

Creating a navigation bar

Creating a list of values

Including different item types

Protecting a page using an authorization scheme

Securing an application with Authentication

Controlling the display of regions and items with Dynamic Actions

Creating a computation

Creating an automated row fetch with a page process

Putting some validation in a form

Creating a report with PL/SQL Dynamic Content

Themes and Templates


Creating your own theme

Importing a theme

Creating a custom template

Including images in your application

Referencing CSS classes in your application

Controlling the layout

Extending APEX


Adding JavaScript code to your application

Creating a tag cloud with AJAX

Creating visual effects with JavaScript libraries

Enhancing your application with the Google API

Including Google Maps

Embedding multimedia objects in your application

Creating a region selector

Sending mail via APEX

Uploading and downloading files

Calling APEX from an Oracle Form

Creating a data upload page

Using shipped files

Creating Websheet Applications


Creating a websheet application

Creating a page in a websheet

Adding a navigation section to a page

Implementing a datagrid

Allowing multiple users access to a websheet

Creating an enhanced datagrid from a spreadsheet

APEX Plug-ins


Creating an item type plug-in

Creating a region type plug-in

Creating a dynamic action plug-in

Creating a process type plug-in

Creating an authorization plug-in

Creating Multilingual APEX Applications


Creating a translatable application

Using XLIFF files

Switching languages

Translating data in an application



Updating a table with the hidden primary key

Reading a checkbox programmatically

Creating help functionality with

Counting clicks with apex_util.count_click

Setting default item settings with apex_ui_default_update

Creating a background process with apex_plsql_job

Using Web Services


Creating a SOAP web service reference

Creating a REST web service reference

Building a page on a web service reference

Publishing a RESTful web service

Publishing from APEX


Exporting to a comma-separated file

Creating a PDF report

Creating a report query

Creating a report layout using Oracle BI Publisher

Linking the report layout to the report query

Calling a report from a page

APEX Environment


Setting up a development environment using subscriptions

Debugging an APEX application

Debugging an APEX application remotely

Deploying an application with SQL Developer

Setting up version control with APEX and SVN

Setting up a production environment using an Apache proxy

Setting up the APEX Listener on Tomcat

Creating an error handling

Using packaged applications

APEX Administration


Creating a workspace manually

Creating a workspace by request

Creating a user

Adding a schema to your workspace

Setting up a system message

Setting up a workspace announcement

Setting up news items on the home page

Creating a site-specific task list

Creating a public theme

Locking a workspace

Creating table APIs

Team Development


Creating a list of features

Creating and assigning To-dos

Keeping track of bugs in the Bugtracker

Creating Milestones

Using Feedback

Using follow-ups

HTML5 and CSS3


Using a responsive HTML5 and CSS3 template

Creating a form with HTML5 item types

Creating a UI with drag-and-drop

Creating storage events

Geolocation – creating a tracker

Creating a video plug-in

Creating HTML5 charts



Creating a smartphone application

Creating a hybrid application

Creating a list view report

Creating a mobile form

Using mobile item types

Creating a mobile calendar

Creating a date scroller with the Mobiscroll plug-in

Uploading images using the camera on the device

Using jQuery Mobile to fetch current GPS location

Creating swipe events