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Tableau Dashboard Cookbook


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A Short Dash to Dashboarding!


Preparing for your first dashboard

Showing the power of data visualization

Connecting to data sources

Introducing the Tableau interface

Interacting with your first data visualization

Sharing your visualization with the world

Summarizing Your Data for Dashboards


Arithmetic – the queen of mathematics!

Dashboards and dates

Grouping your data with calculations

Correlation with calculations

Using cross-tabs flexibly

Simplifying your business rules with customer calculations

Interacting with Data for Dashboards


Fun with filters – grouping your data with clarity

Hierarchies for revealing the dashboard message

Classifying your data for dashboards

Actions and interactions

Drilling into the details

Working with input controls

Using Dashboards to Get Results


Enriching data with mashups

Page trails

Guided analytics with Tableau

Sharing your results in a meeting

Notes and annotations

Using external data to enrich your dashboard

Putting the Dash into Dashboards


Choosing your visualization

Using parameters in dashboards

Using custom geocoding in Tableau

Profiting from Big Data to rev your visualization

Filtering your data for focus

Creating choices in dashboards using conditional logic

Making Dashboards Relevant


Adding an infographic to your Tableau dashboard

String manipulation in dashboards

Correcting data exports from Tableau to Excel

Blending data

Optimizing tips for efficient, fast visualization

Visual Best Practices


Coloring your numbers

Dueling with dual axes

Where is the three dimensional data?

Eating humble pie – pie charts or not?

Sizing to make a data story

Tell the World! Share Your Dashboards


Packaging workbooks with data

Publishing dashboards to Tableau Server

Publishing dashboards to Tableau Public

Mobilizing your dashboards

Mixing Tableau with SharePoint 2013 Power BI

Wrapping up with R – dashboards as a tool