PacktLib: Developing SSRS Reports for Dynamics AX

Developing SSRS Reports for Dynamics AX


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Developing a Simple SSRS Report in Visual Studio

Reporting services modes

Walkthrough – Create an Auto Design report with AX Query

Walkthrough – Creating a drill-through report


Developing Advanced Reports in Visual Studio

Common controls

Walkthrough – Creating a Matrix report

Walkthrough – Creating a Chart report


Developing a Report from an External Data Source

Walkthrough – Creating a report using an external data source


Importing Reports from Visual Studio to AX and Report Deployment

Adding a report to Visual Studio Project

Adding a report project to the AOT

Report deployment


Using Controller and User Interface Builder Classes

The Model-View-Controller

The Controller class

The UI Builder class


Developing Reports Using RDP and Report Contracts

The Report data provider class

The Report contract class

Walkthrough – Creating an Auto Design report using the RDP class

Walkthrough – Creating a Precision Design report

Walkthrough: Creating a report with parameters


Customizing Existing Microsoft Dynamics AX Reports Using Visual Studio

Editing existing reports in Visual Studio

Enabling a sort order for Sales order ID

Adding parameters to control the data displayed in the report


Common SSRS Expressions

Common SSRS Expressions

Common Standard AX Classes and Methods

Common Standard AX Classes and Methods

Common Standard AX Classes and Methods

Reporting Best Practices

Reporting Best Practices