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Citrix XenDesktop 7 Cookbook



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XenDesktop 7 – Upgrading, Installing, and Configuring


Upgrading from XenDesktop 5.6 to XenDesktop 7

Preparing the SQL Server 2012 database

Installing and configuring the Citrix Licensing Services – 11.11.1

Installing XenDesktop 7 components

Installing and configuring StoreFront 2.0

Installing and configuring Provisioning Services 7

Configuring and Deploying Virtual Machines for XenDesktop


Configuring the XenDesktop site

Configuring XenDesktop to interact with Citrix XenServer

Configuring XenDesktop to interact with VMware vSphere 5.1

Configuring XenDesktop to interact with Microsoft Hyper-V

Master Image Configuration and Tuning


Configuring and optimizing a desktop OS master image

Configuring and optimizing a server OS master image

Configuring a target device – PVS architecture

Installing and configuring the master image policies

User Experience – Planning and Configuring


Implementing a profile architecture

Installing Virtual Desktop Agent – server OS and desktop OS

Installing and configuring HDX Monitor

Configuring Citrix Receiver

Configuring Additional Architectural Components


Configuring the Merchandising Server

Creating and Configuring a Desktop Environment


Creating and configuring the Machine Catalog

Modifying an existing machine catalog

Using the new Citrix Director platform

Configuring printers

Configuring USB devices

Deploying Applications


Publishing the hosted applications

Publishing the Local Access Apps (LAA)

Publishing applications using Microsoft App-V

XenDesktop Tuning and Security


Configuring the XenDesktop policies

Installing and configuring Citrix NetScaler Gateway 10.1

Configuring the XenDesktop logging

Working with XenDesktop PowerShell


Retrieving system information – configuration Service cmdlets

Managing Active Directory accounts – ADIdentity cmdlets

Managing the Citrix Desktop Controller and its resources – the Broker and AppV cmdlets

Administering hosts and machines – the Host and Machine Creation cmdlets

Managing additional components – the StoreFront Admin and Logging cmdlets

Configuring the XenDesktop Advanced Logon


Implementing the two-factor hardware authentication for XenDesktop 7

Implementing strong authentication for XenDesktop 7 using the RADIUS platform

Implementing the two-factor software authentication for XenDesktop 7