PacktLib: Team Foundation Server 2013 Customization

Team Foundation Server 2013 Customization


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Customizing the TFS Process Templates for Your Business

Prerequisites or tools

Customizing the TFS work items

Adding a new portfolio to the process template


Increasing Web Access Usability

Customizing TFS dashboard tiles

Changing the default columns for portfolio boards

Adding fields to the add panels

Creating a basic JavaScript plugin


Enhancing Work Items with Custom Controls

Creating a Windows Forms control

Creating a control for use inside the Web Access

Using the control on an existing work item definition

Displaying a web page with rich data inside a WITD


Creating Server Plugins

Using a TFS plugin over a check-in policy

The basics of a server plugin

Creating a check-in plugin

Creating a work item changed plugin


Creating TFS Scheduled Jobs

Creating a TFS job

Checking the job history

Debugging a TFS job

Deregistering the custom job with TFS


Customizing a TFS Build Process

Creating a copy of the default build template

Creating a custom build activity

Adding a custom activity to an existing build template

Adding a build template argument