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Visual Studio 2013 Cookbook


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Discovering Visual Studio 2013


Synchronizing settings

Touring the VS2013 IDE

Project round-tripping

Managing the editor windows

Finding Visual Studio commands

Searching and navigating

Navigating in depth

Getting Started with Windows Store Applications


Getting a Windows Store app developer license

Creating a Windows Store app

Adding a Windows Store item template to your app

Using the Windows Store app simulator

Defining capabilities and contracts

Analyzing your App's performance

Packaging your Windows Store app

Validating your Windows Store app

Web Development – ASP.NET, HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript


Getting started with Bootstrap

Previewing changes across multiple browsers

Creating HTML5 web pages

Taking advantage of the CSS editor improvements

Understanding the JavaScript editor improvements

Adding bundling and minification to JavaScript and CSS files

Verifying pages with the Page Inspector tool

.NET Framework 4.5.1 Development


Adding the Ribbon to a WPF application

Creating a state machine in Visual Studio

Creating a task-based WCF service

Managing packages with NuGet

Unit testing .NET applications

Sharing class libraries across runtimes

Detecting duplicate code

Debugging Your .NET Application


Maximizing everyday debugging

Debugging on remote machines and tablets

Debugging code in production with IntelliTrace

Debugging parallel code

Visualizing concurrency

Asynchrony in .NET


Making your code asynchronous

Understanding asynchrony and the Windows Runtime

Using asynchrony with web applications

Working with actors and the TPL Dataflow Library

Unwrapping C++ Development


Using XAML with C++

Unit testing C++ applications

Analyzing your C++ code

Using a custom rule set

Working with DirectX in Visual Studio 2013

Creating a shader using DGSL

Creating and displaying a 3D model

Using the Visual Studio Graphics Diagnostics

Working with Team Foundation Server 2013


Creating a new TFS project

Managing your work

Using local workspaces for source control

Performing code reviews

Getting feedback from your users

Using Git for source control



Fortifying JavaScript applications with TypeScript

Integrating Python into Visual Studio

Integrating Python with .NET

Visual Studio Medley

Visual Studio Medley

Visual Studio Medley

Visual Studio Medley

Visual Studio Medley

Visual Studio Medley