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QlikView Scripting


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Connecting to ODBC/OLE DB Data Sources

Installing drivers

Configuring ODBC

Connecting to the database from QlikView

Supported databases


Creating the Script

Basics of data modeling

Accessing the Script Editor

Hidden scripts

The Script Editor features and commands

Script commenting

Creating the Select statement

Organizing tabs in scripts


Data Transformations in Flat Files

Why data transformation?

Using the Transformation Wizard

Working with cross tables

Working with generic tables

Working with hierarchies


Script Features and Functions

Number interpretation variables

Connect, Load, and other statement ordering

Script segmentation via tabs

Renaming fields

Regular statements and script control statements

Script expressions

Quotation marks

Master calendar placement


Basic Data Model and Table Viewer

What is the Table Viewer?

Star and Snowflake Schemas

Data model best practices

Exporting images and structures

Viewing internal and source tables

Composite/synthetic tables and keys

Eliminating synthetic keys and tables

Previewing records in tables

Information density and subset ratios


Advanced Scripting and Data Model Optimization

Circular references

Fixing circular references and removing synthetic tables

Using mapping tables to rename fields

Table combining and concatenation

The IntervalMatch function

Data islands

Using metadata


QlikView Data Files

Defining a QVD

Advantages of QVDs

Creating QVDs

Creating QVDs with QlikView Publisher

Loading from QVDs

Viewing content of QVDs

Managing reload or no data opens of QVWs



QlikView script debugger

Using the Exit Script function

Using syntax checker

Common QlikView script errors

Debugging using logfiles

Using find/replace in debugging

Removing or partially loading data


Layout Tips for Developers

Your KPI story

Layout consistency

Layout best practices

Optimizing your QlikView application user interface

Using themes for a consistent look

Dimension limits

Color alerts and calculated colors

Alternate states

Set analysis