PacktLib: VMware Horizon View 5.3 Design Patterns and Best Practices

VMware Horizon View 5.3 Design Patterns and Best Practices


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Introduction to VMware Horizon View Design

The benefits of virtual desktops

Risks of end user computing

VMware Horizon View design considerations

Sizing the View infrastructure components


Understanding Desktop Deployment Options

Full clone or linked clone – which should we choose?

Floating versus dedicated user assignments

Deciding between persistent and non-persistent desktops

Building desktop pools

Putting Windows on a diet


Understanding the View Environment

Defining the View Connection Server requirements

Key View infrastructure design considerations

View client protocol options


Determining vSphere Resource Requirements

Building vCenter Server

Overview of View Composer

Sizing the vSphere hosts

Managing PCoIP network bandwidth requirements


View Storage Considerations

Why storage performance is so important

Choosing the View storage platform

Understanding View storage-related features


View Client Management and Connectivity

Understanding the View Client options

Choosing a View client

Managing View user persona data

Third-party persona management tools

Monitoring View using vCenter Operations Manager for View