PacktLib: LabVIEW Graphical Programming Cookbook

LabVIEW Graphical Programming Cookbook


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Understanding the LabVIEW Environment


Configuring essentials

Configuring quick drop

Using debug tools

Creating custom probe

Compiling EXE

Debugging EXE

Compiling a standalone application

Customizing the User Interface


Customizing controls

Adding a menu for runtime

Creating a dialog

Sizing the dialog automatically

Using 2D picture control

Updating controls with an action engine

Creating a simple animation

Creating subpanels

Working with Common Architectures


Working with a case structure

Working with an event structure

Working with loops

Using the state machine architecture

Using the master slave architecture

Using the producer consumer architecture

Creating a SubVI

Creating an action engine

Calling a VI by reference

Calling a VI dynamically

Creating a reentrant VI

Managing Data


Using error terminals

Using the flat sequence structure

Using the feedback node

Reusing memory

Manipulating an array

Using rendezvous

Using semaphore

Passing Data


Using a type-def cluster

Using an event structure to pass data

Using a queue to pass data

Using a notifier to pass data

Using a shared variable to pass data

Using Simple TCP/IP Messaging to pass data

Error Handling


Passing an error

Handling an error with an error file

Handling an error with a centralized VI

Creating an error queue

Working with Files


Working with INI files

Working with XML files

Working with ASCII files

Working with binary files

Working with TDMS files

Using Telnet and FTP with files

Working with a database

Understanding Data Acquisition


Using MAX

Working with VISA

Using VISA servers

Controlling an oscilloscope

Using a simple DAQ device

Using a CompactDAQ

Simplifying Code


Using polymorphic VI

Simplifying logic selection

Using an array for computation

Formatting into string

Speedy array search

Using relative paths in EXE

Working with External Code and Applications


Compiling a DLL

Using a .NET DLL

Debugging a .NET DLL

Using a C-based DLL

Using ActiveX

Building a web service

Using SMTP to send e-mail