PacktLib: Developing Applications with Salesforce Chatter

Developing Applications with Salesforce Chatter


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Introducing Salesforce Chatter

An overview of cloud computing

An overview of

Collaboration in the past

The future of collaboration – Salesforce Chatter

Salesforce Chatter

The Chatter data model

Maximizing your customer satisfaction

Improving your ROI


Configuring and Setting Up Chatter

Turning on Chatter

Configuring the Chatter tabs

Chatter license types

Enabling Chatter invites

Adding Chatter users

Improving your Chatter profile

Additional features of Chatter

Enabling feed tracking, creating groups, and following records

Group creation

Managing files

Other Chatter features

Installing Chatter Desktop and Chatter Mobile

Installing Chatter Desktop

Installing Chatter Mobile

Chatter publisher actions

Creating object-specific actions


An Introduction to Development with Chatter

Displaying a chat window on the Visualforce page

Displaying a Chatter follower on the Visualforce Page

Displaying a user's profile image

Displaying a list of followers for a user

Displaying news feed

Posting status from the Visualforce page

Entity feed and how to display it on the Visualforce page

Following a record/user from the Visualforce page

Automatically following a record after its creation

Automatically following a group

Applying filters on group creation

Applying filters on a Chatter post

Applying filters on comments on a Chatter post

Filtering a post for some records

Posting opportunity-closed details to a Chatter group

Creating a group that allows read-only access


Building the Chatter Application and Cleaning the Chatter Data

The mass follow and unfollow application

Cleaning Chatter data

Managing Chatter groups

Deactivating a Chatter user

Using a scheduled Batch Apex to clean the Chatter data


Understanding Chatter REST API

Introducing Chatter REST API