PacktLib: Microsoft DirectAccess Best Practices and Troubleshooting

Microsoft DirectAccess Best Practices and Troubleshooting



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DirectAccess Server Best Practices

Preparing your Remote Access servers for DirectAccess

NIC configuration

NIC binding

MAC address spoofing for virtual machines

Adding static routes

Hostname and domain membership

Time for certificates

Adding the roles

Don't use the Getting Started Wizard!

Security hardening the server


DirectAccess Environmental Best Practices

To NAT or not to NAT?

Planning for Certificates (PKI)

Defining your GPOs and security groups

Setting up the Network Location Server (NLS)

Do I need IPv6 or ISATAP?

Teredo and 6to4 tips and tricks


Configuring Manage Out to DirectAccess Clients

Pulls versus pushes

What does Manage Out have to do with IPv6?

Creating a selective ISATAP environment

Setting up client-side firewall rules

RDP to a DirectAccess client

No ISATAP with multisite DirectAccess


General DirectAccess Troubleshooting

Remote Access Management Console

Windows Firewall with Advanced Security

Reading the client logfiles

What happened to Teredo?

Clients with native IPv6


Unique DirectAccess Troubleshooting Scenarios

What happens when NLS is offline?

I enabled NLB and DA broke!

IPv4 applications don't connect over DA

Cannot contact some servers