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Visualforce Development Cookbook


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General Utilities


Overriding standard buttons

Data-driven styling

Turning off an action poller

Visualforce in the sidebar

Passing parameters to action methods

Reacting to URL parameters

Passing parameters between Visualforce pages

Opening a pop-up window

Adding a launch page

Testing a custom controller

Testing a controller extension

Custom Components


Passing attributes to components

Updating attributes in component controllers

Passing action methods to components

Data-driven decimal places

The custom iterator component

Setting a value into a controller property

Multiselecting related objects

Notifying the containing page controller

Capturing Data Using Forms


Editing a record in Visualforce

Adding error messages to field inputs

Adding error messages to nonfield inputs

Using field sets

Adding a custom lookup to a form

Adding a custom datepicker to a form

Retrieving fields when a lookup is populated

Breaking up forms with action regions

The "Please wait" spinner

Avoiding validation errors with action regions

Action chaining

Errors – harmful if swallowed

Managing Records


Styling fields as required

Styling table columns as required

Attaching an image to a record

Managing attachments

Maintaining custom settings

Refreshing record details from embedded Visualforce

Using wrapper classes

Changing options based on the user input

Changing page layout based on the user input

Form-based searching

Managing Multiple Records


Preventing duplicates by searching before creating

Editing a record and its parent

Managing a list of records

Converting a lead

Managing a hierarchy of records

Inline-editing a record from a list

Creating a Visualforce report

Loading records asynchronously

Visualforce Charts


Creating a bar chart

Creating a line chart

Customizing a chart

Adding multiple series

Creating a stacked bar chart

Adding a third axis

Embedding a chart in a record view page

Multiple charts per page



Using action functions

Avoiding race conditions

The confirmation dialog

Pressing Enter to submit


The character counter

The onload handler

Collapsible list elements

The scrolling news ticker

Carousel messages

Hiding buttons on submit

Client-side validation

Trapping navigation away Sites


Creating a site

Record and field access

Retrieving content from Salesforce

Web to lead form

Creating a website template

Adding a header menu to a template

Adding a sidebar to a template

Conditional rendering in templates

jQuery Mobile


Mobilizing a Visualforce page

Navigation and transitions

Adding a navigation bar

Working with dialogs

Listing records

Mobile Visualforce forms

Redirecting to the mobile page based on the browser

Storing the user's location

Scanning the QR code to access the page