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VMware ESXi Cookbook


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Installing and Configuring ESXi


Installing ESXi using Interactive Mode

Deploying ESXi hosts using scripted installation

Deploying ESXi hosts using Auto Deploy

Installing vSphere Client

Configuring NTP settings on the ESXi host

Configuring DNS and Routing

Licensing an ESXi host

Installing and Using vCenter


Installing vCenter SSO

Installing VMware vCenter

Installing vSphere Web Client

Installing vSphere Auto Deploy

Working with the vCenter inventory objects

Configuring the vCenter Server settings

Working with tags

Using schedule tasks

Managing the plug-ins in vCenter

Deploying the VMware vCenter Server Appliance



Creating and deleting VM network port groups

Creating VMkernel port groups

Modifying vSwitch properties

Working with vSphere Distributed Switches

Configuring Private VLANs (PVLAN)

Working with advanced networking

Enabling jumbo frames

Configuring network policies



Implementing the iSCSI storage

Implementing FC and FCoE storages

Configuring Raw Device Mapping

Managing VMFS and NFS datastores

Configuring the storage profiles of a virtual machine

Resource Management and High Availability


Preparing hosts for vMotion

Implementing resource pools

Implementing Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS)

Implementing Distributed Power Management (DPM)

Implementing High Availability (HA)

Implementing Storage Dynamic Resource Scheduling (SDRS)

Managing Virtual Machines


Deploying virtual machines

Installing and customizing a guest operating system

Configuring the ESXi host and VM for Fault Tolerance

Configuring virtual machine hardware

Configuring virtual machine's options

Creating snapshots, templates, and clones

Securing the ESXi Server and Virtual Machines


Configuring the ESXi firewall

Enabling the Lockdown mode

Managing ESXi authentication

Managing ESXi certificates

Configuring logging for virtual machines

Configuring security settings for virtual machines

Performance Monitoring and Alerts


Running vCenter performance monitoring graphs

Configuring SNMP for ESXi and vCenter

Running performance monitoring using ESXTOP

Configuring vCenter alarms

Managing log files

vSphere Update Manager


Installing Update Manager

Configuring Update Manager

Creating and managing baselines

Scanning and remediating vSphere objects

Configuring UMDS