PacktLib: Augmented Reality for Android Application Development

Augmented Reality for Android Application Development


About the Authors

About the Reviewers


Augmented Reality Concepts and Tools

A quick overview of AR concepts


Viewing the World

Understanding the camera

Accessing the camera in Android

Live camera view in JME


Superimposing the World

The building blocks of 3D rendering

Real camera and virtual camera

Using the scenegraph to overlay a 3D model onto the camera view

Improving the overlay


Locating in the World

Knowing where you are – handling GPS

Knowing where you look – handling inertial sensors

Improving orientation tracking – handling sensor fusion

Getting content for your AR browser – the Google Places API


Same as Hollywood – Virtual on Physical Objects

Introduction to computer vision-based tracking and Vuforia

Vuforia architecture

Configuring Vuforia to recognize objects

Putting it together – Vuforia with JME

Make It Interactive – Create the User Experience

Pick the stick – 3D selection using ray picking

Proximity-based interaction

Simple gesture recognition using accelerometers


Further Reading and Tips

Managing your content

Improving recognition and tracking

Advanced interaction techniques