PacktLib: Extending Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Cookbook

Extending Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Cookbook


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Extending Out with SharePoint


Configuring a My Site host site

Using note boards to microblog from the Role Centers

Adding My Site profile links to the Role Centers

Creating shared document libraries

Linking document libraries to Dynamics AX records


Reports and Dashboards


Creating a Power View report from Dynamics AX

Creating a Power View report from Power View cubes

Saving Power View dashboards and reports

Adding a Power View report to a Role Center

Exporting a Power View report to PowerPoint

Creating a PowerPivot gallery in SharePoint

Creating a PowerPivot data source for Power View

Creating a Power View report via the PowerPivot gallery

Linking Power View reports to Dynamics AX forms


Dashboards, Charts, and Scorecards


Creating a Business Intelligence site

Configuring a PerformancePoint workspace to connect to the Dynamics AX cubes

Creating a scorecard in PerformancePoint

Adding scorecards to a user's Role Center

Creating an analytical chart in PerformancePoint

Adding an analytical chart to a user's Role Center

Using Decomposition Trees to drill into the analytical charts

Creating PerformancePoint dashboards in SharePoint


Communication and Collaboration


Linking Outlook with Dynamics AX

Flagging Dynamics AX contacts for synchronization

Synchronizing Dynamics AX contacts with Outlook

Using the Outlook Social Connector to research Dynamics AX contacts

Communicating with contacts from within Dynamics AX

Using Lync to collaborate with other users directly from Dynamics AX


Using Cases to Manage Incidents and Requests


Creating Case categories

Assigning tasks through Cases

Creating appointments through Cases

Defining the standard processes for Case management

Assigning Knowledge articles to Cases

Associating additional business entities to Cases

Creating projects from Cases

Creating collaboration workspaces for Case projects


Organizing Your Workflows


Creating a new workflow design from a template

Adding task steps to workflows

Saving and activating workflows

Setting the default workflows

Submitting and using workflows

Adding conditional decisions to a workflow

Adding manual decisions to a workflow

Adding workflow status notifications

Adding text placeholders to workflow messages


Reporting in Office


Creating a document data source

Creating a Dynamics AX document template within Word

Creating document template libraries

Registering documents to template libraries


Talking to the Outside World


Adding login accounts for customers in Active Directory

Configuring customer accounts in Dynamics AX

Associating customer logins with customer accounts

Configuring a product catalog

Adding images and presentation information to product catalogs


Creating Help


Creating a new help publisher ID

Creating a new help publisher content folder

Creating your help content

Creating a Task Recorder walkthrough

Turning a task recording document into a help topic


Web Services and Forms


Creating a Dynamics AX web service

Creating a web service wrapper

Using a Dynamics AX web service in an InfoPath form

Creating custom OData queries to retrieve Dynamics AX data

Building InfoPath lookups using OData queries


Role Center Personalization and Customization


Creating a new Role Center template

Creating a new Dynamics AX user profile

Adding cues to Role Center profiles

Adding cues through the Advanced Filter editor

Adding RSS feeds to Role Centers

Removing the ribbon bar from Role Centers

Removing the navigation bar from Role Centers

Embedding Role Centers into Outlook