PacktLib: Multimedia Programming with Pure Data

Multimedia Programming with Pure Data


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Getting Started with Pure Data

Creating the first program

Understanding the terms and interface

Displaying messages

Performing arithmetic calculation

Creating a counter

Automating the counter

Making an animation with the interface elements

Using the graphical interface objects


Computer Graphics with the GEM Library

Using the GEM display window

Drawing basic 2D graphics

Understanding the coordinates system

Drawing basic 3D primitive shapes

Working with digital color

Applying geometric transformation

Creating animation in 3D space


Image Processing

Obtaining images from external sources

Applying image filters

Layering multiple images

Working with time

Performing background removal

Working with chroma key

Experimenting with advanced effects



Obtaining the mouse position

Responding to keyboard events

Creating a graphical button

Preparing a video-jockey instrument

Creating interactive animation


Motion Detection

Obtaining the frame difference

Detecting presence

Detecting motion

Creating a motion detection animation

Comparing colors

Performing color detection

Making an air drum


Animation with Particle System

Understanding a particle system

Creating a basic particle system

Applying forces to the particles system

Interacting with the mouse

Rendering particles with images

Combining particle system with motion-tracking


Audio Programming

Preparing for audio processing

Using existing sound files

Generating audio with waves

Working with MIDI

Obtaining audio input for interaction


Interface with the Outside World

Communicating through the Internet

Controlling the visual display of another computer

Using Open Sound Control with mobile devices

Interfacing with custom hardware through Arduino


Extending Pure Data

Integrating with OpenCV

Working with the Kinect camera


Communities and References

Communities and References

Communities and References

Communities and References

Communities and References