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Mule ESB Cookbook


About the Authors

About the Reviewers


Getting Started with Mule ESB


Understanding Mule concepts and terminologies

Setting up the Mule IDE

Installing Mule Studio

Configuring Mule components

Deploying your first Hello World application on the Mule server

Working with Components and Patterns


Configuring the component

Using the Echo component to display the message payload

Using a Flow Reference component to synchronously execute another flow

Publishing a RESTful web service using the REST component

Publishing a SOAP-based web service using the SOAP component

Using Message Property, Processors, and Sources


Understanding components

Understanding message sources

Using message processors to control the message flow

Understanding message property scopes



Configuring the Generic Endpoint

Configuring the HTTP Endpoint

Configuring the IMAP Endpoint to retrieve e-mails

Using the JDBC Endpoint to connect to the database

Implementing the File Transport channel using the File Endpoint

Sending messages asynchronously using the AJAX Endpoint

Using the Servlet Endpoint to listen to events or messages from servlet requests



Configuring the JSON-to-Object transformer

Configuring the Object-to-XML transformer

Configuring the Message and Variable transformers

Creating the custom transformer

Understanding the DataMapper transformer

Configuring Filters


Configuring the Logic filters – And/Or/Not

Performing filtering according to the exception type

Filtering messages by evaluating expressions

Handling incoming events or messages using the Message filter

Configuring the Wildcard filter

Creating a Custom filter

Handling Exceptions and Testing


Understanding Messaging Exception strategies

The Catch Exception Strategy

Configuring the Choice Exception Strategy

Configuring the Reference Exception Strategy

Configuring the Rollback Exception Strategy

Testing with JUnit in Mule ESB

Introducing Web Services


Proxying web services

Creating JAX-WS services

Creating web services using the REST component

Calling external web services using the SOAP component

Understanding Flows, Routers, and Services


Configuring the All Router/Flow Control

Configuring the Choice Router/Flow Control

Configuring the Splitter Flow Control

Configuring Cloud Connectors


Configuring the Twitter Cloud Connector

Configuring the DropBoxIntegration folder