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Moodle for Mobile Learning


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Developing Your Mobile Learning Strategy

What is mobile learning?

The capabilities of mobile devices

Warning – it's not about delivering courses

Your mobile learning strategy

Mobile usage in your organization

Case studies


Setting Up Moodle for Mobile Learning

Introducing the Bootstrap and Clean themes

Introducing Moodle's Mobile apps

Setting up the Clean theme

Exploring the Clean theme

Setting up the Bootstrap theme

Setting up the Moodle Mobile app

Exploring the Moodle Mobile app

Third-party Moodle apps

Add help and support guides by using the Book module

Add a link to help and support from the header bar


Delivering Static Content to Mobiles

Setting up file downloads

Setting up an eBook or App library

Using QR codes in courses

Building a multidevice SCORM resource

Adding a multidevice SCORM resource into Moodle

Case study – using a multidevice SCORM resource for information security awareness training

Using cohorts to deliver performance-support resources

Using a glossary for staff induction

Using a Glossary for best practice resource collection

Using levels to engage new starters


Delivering Multimedia Content to Mobiles

Setting up a podcast

Learner view of podcasts

Audio add-on

Delivering Lecturecasts to mobiles

Creating a video lesson


Submitting Audio, Video, and Image Assignments

Creating an assignment brief for offline viewing

Setting up an assignment for file submission

Setting up a Database assignment


Using Mobiles for Capturing Reflective Logs and Journals

Setting up a reflective log using assignment

Submitting a reflective log using assignment

Grading a reflective log using assignment

Setting up a reflective log using individual forums

Submitting a reflective log using individual forums

Reviewing a reflective log using individual forums

Setting up Moodle for course blogs

Submitting a course blog post

Adding a Blogs link to the site header

Enabling portfolio export

Exporting your work to a portfolio


Performing Assessments Using Mobiles

Creating a quiz for formative assessment

Creating a quiz for summative assessment

Checking grades


Communicating with Mobile Users

Setting up a group discussion

Communicating through social networks

Managing the backchannel

Using Moodle messaging

Setting up a real-time chat session

Setting up a virtual classroom plugin

Joining a web conference