PacktLib: Drupal for Education and E-Learning - Second Edition

Drupal for Education and E-Learning - Second Edition


About the Author

About the Reviewers


Introducing Drupal

What is Drupal?

Drupal – a short historical overview

What Drupal can do for you

Drupal terminology

Taking notes


Installing Drupal


The domain

The web host

FTP and shell access to your web host

A local testing environment

The most effective way versus the easy way

Installing Drupal – the quick version

Installing Drupal – the detailed version

Enabling core modules

Assigning rights to the authenticated user role


Getting Started

The core installation

Next steps – building the foundation

Installing modules and themes

Creating roles

Creating content types

Creating views


Creating a Teacher Blog

Installing the text editor

Creating content types for the teacher blog

Sample users and testing

Adding sample content

Views for the teacher blog and assignments


Enrolling Students

Understanding roles and assigning rights

Assigning rights

Creating student accounts

Customizing the registration process

Additional modules for creating user accounts


Creating the Student Blog

Setting up the student blog

Getting interactive

Seeing it work



Assign rights to use bookmarks

Using bookmarks in the classroom

Sharing a bookmark


Podcasting and Images

Getting Started with Podcasts

The AudioField module

Configuring the Audio module

Assigning rights to the AudioField module

Creating the podcast content type

Adjusting the existing views

Using Podcasts in the Class

iTunes or not

Images and image galleries



Setting up the video content type

Creating the video content type

Embedding videos

Adjusting the student and teacher blogs

Hardware and software to create videos

Using videos in the classroom

Drupal as a video hosting and processing platform


Forums and Blogs

Installing the Forum module

Configuring forums

Displaying multiple content types in a forum

Assigning permissions to forums

The relationship between forums and blogs


Social Networks and Extending the User Profile

Identifying the goals of user profiles

Using the core User module

Moving beyond the core profile module

Extending profiles using the field group and field permissions modules

Building the profile

Creating an extended profile

Additional options for social networking and user profiles


Supporting Multiple Classes

Installing and configuring Organic Groups

Useful links for Organic Groups

Adjusting your site to work with Organic Groups

Assigning permissions to group nodes

Setting the options for content types

Navigation links

Creating and using groups

Adding group-specific taxonomies


Tracking Student Progress

Getting an overview of student work

Using code snippets to track student progress

Using Views and PHP snippets together

Tracking responses to specific assignments

Private communication with students


Theming and User Interface Design

Basic principles

Setting the home page

Menus, blocks, and primary links

Changing settings via the admin menu

Looking under the hood


Backup, Maintenance, and Upgrades

Setting up cron jobs

Backup and maintenance overview

Backing up the codebase

Automating backups using backup and migrate

Caring for your database

Manually backing up the database

Command-line backups of core codebase, contributed modules, and files

The test site

Disaster recovery

Updating your site

Upgrading core

Upgrading contributed modules

Upgrading your theme


Working Effectively in the Drupal Community

Getting started

Researching on

Asking questions

Giving support