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Backbone.js Cookbook


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Understanding Backbone


Designing an application with the MVC pattern

Defining business logic with models and collections

Modeling an application's behavior with views and a router

Creating an application structure from scratch

Writing your first Backbone application

Implementing URL routing in your application

Extending an application with plugins

Contributing to the Backbone project



Creating a model

Operating with model attributes

Operating with the model identifier

Validating model attributes

Overriding getters and setters

Creating undo points to store/restore a model's state

Implementing workflow for a model

Using advanced validation in a model

Validating an HTML form

Working with nested attributes in a model

Implementing a one-to-one relationship



Creating a collection of models

Getting a model from a collection by its index

Getting a model from a collection by its ID

Adding a model to a collection

Removing a model from a collection

Working with a collection as a stack or as a queue

Sorting a collection

Filtering models in a collection

Iterating through a collection

Chaining a collection

Running No SQL queries on a collection

Storing models of various types in the same collection

Implementing a one-to-many relationship



Rendering a view

Dealing with a view element using jQuery

Rendering a model in a view

Rendering a collection in a view

Splitting a view into subviews

Handling Document Object Model (DOM) events in a view

Switching views using Backbone.Router

Events and Bindings


Managing events in Backbone.js

Handling events of Backbone objects

Binding a model to a view

Binding a collection to a view

Bidirectional binding with Backbone.stickit

Binding a model and a collection to a select list

Handling keyboard shortcuts in a view

Handling router events

Templates and UX sugar


Using templates in a view

Implementing a template loader

Using Mustache templates

Defining a form

Adding validation to a form

Handling form events

Customizing a form with the Bootstrap framework

Assembling layouts with LayoutManager

Building a semantic and an easily styleable data grid

How it works...

Drawing on the HTML5 canvas

REST and Storage


Architecting the REST API for the backend

Prototyping a RESTful backend with MongoLab

Synchronizing models and collections with a RESTful service

Building a RESTful frontend with Backbone

Using the polling technique to fetch data

Working with local storage

Special Techniques


Using mixins with Backbone objects

Creating a Backbone.js extension with Grunt

Writing tests for a Backbone extension with QUnit

Mocking up a RESTful service with jQuery Mockjax in asynchronous tests

Developing a mobile application with jQuery Mobile

Building an iOS/Android app with PhoneGap

Organizing a project structure with Require.js

Ensuring compatibility with search engines

Avoiding memory leaks in a Backbone application