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Clojure Data Analysis Cookbook


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Importing Data for Analysis


Creating a new project

Reading CSV data into Incanter datasets

Reading JSON data into Incanter datasets

Reading data from Excel with Incanter

Reading data from JDBC databases

Reading XML data into Incanter datasets

Scraping data from tables in web pages

Scraping textual data from web pages

Reading RDF data

Reading RDF data with SPARQL

Aggregating data from different formats

Cleaning and Validating Data


Cleaning data with regular expressions

Maintaining consistency with synonym maps

Identifying and removing duplicate data

Normalizing numbers

Rescaling values

Normalizing dates and times

Lazily processing very large data sets

Sampling from very large data sets

Fixing spelling errors

Parsing custom data formats

Validating data with Valip

Managing Complexity with Concurrent Programming


Managing program complexity with STM

Managing program complexity with agents

Getting better performance with commute

Combining agents and STM

Maintaining consistency with ensure

Introducing safe side effects into the STM

Maintaining data consistency with validators

Tracking processing with watchers

Debugging concurrent programs with watchers

Recovering from errors in agents

Managing input with sized queues

Improving Performance with Parallel Programming


Parallelizing processing with pmap

Parallelizing processing with Incanter

Partitioning Monte Carlo simulations for better pmap performance

Finding the optimal partition size with simulated annealing

Parallelizing with reducers

Generating online summary statistics with reducers

Harnessing your GPU with OpenCL and Calx

Using type hints

Benchmarking with Criterium

Distributed Data Processing with Cascalog


Distributed processing with Cascalog and Hadoop

Querying data with Cascalog

Distributing data with Apache HDFS

Parsing CSV files with Cascalog

Complex queries with Cascalog

Aggregating data with Cascalog

Defining new Cascalog operators

Composing Cascalog queries

Handling errors in Cascalog workflows

Transforming data with Cascalog

Executing Cascalog queries in the Cloud with Pallet

Working with Incanter Datasets


Loading Incanter's sample datasets

Loading Clojure data structures into datasets

Viewing datasets interactively with view

Converting datasets to matrices

Using infix formulas in Incanter

Selecting columns with $

Selecting rows with $

Filtering datasets with $where

Grouping data with $group-by

Saving datasets to CSV and JSON

Projecting from multiple datasets with $join

Preparing for and Performing Statistical Data Analysis with Incanter


Generating summary statistics with $rollup

Differencing variables to show changes

Scaling variables to simplify variable relationships

Working with time series data with Incanter Zoo

Smoothing variables to decrease noise

Validating sample statistics with bootstrapping

Modeling linear relationships

Modeling non-linear relationships

Modeling multimodal Bayesian distributions

Finding data errors with Benford's law

Working with Mathematica and R


Setting up Mathematica to talk to Clojuratica for Mac OS X and Linux

Setting up Mathematica to talk to Clojuratica for Windows

Calling Mathematica functions from Clojuratica

Sending matrices to Mathematica from Clojuratica

Evaluating Mathematica scripts from Clojuratica

Creating functions from Mathematica

Processing functions in parallel in Mathematica

Setting up R to talk to Clojure

Calling R functions from Clojure

Passing vectors into R

Evaluating R files from Clojure

Plotting in R from Clojure

Clustering, Classifying, and Working with Weka


Loading CSV and ARFF files into Weka

Filtering and renaming columns in Weka datasets

Discovering groups of data using K-means clustering

Finding hierarchical clusters in Weka

Clustering with SOMs in Incanter

Classifying data with decision trees

Classifying data with the Naive Bayesian classifier

Classifying data with support vector machines

Finding associations in data with the Apriori algorithm

Graphing in Incanter


Creating scatter plots with Incanter

Creating bar charts with Incanter

Graphing non-numeric data in bar charts

Creating histograms with Incanter

Creating function plots with Incanter

Adding equations to Incanter charts

Adding lines to scatter charts

Customizing charts with JFreeChart

Saving Incanter graphs to PNG

Using PCA to graph multi-dimensional data

Creating dynamic charts with Incanter

Creating Charts for the Web


Serving data with Ring and Compojure

Creating HTML with Hiccup

Setting up to use ClojureScript

Creating scatter plots with NVD3

Creating bar charts with NVD3

Creating histograms with NVD3

Visualizing graphs with force-directed layouts

Creating interactive visualizations with D3