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Creating Accordions


Section navigation using the Tab key

Dynamically changing the height style

Resizable content sections

Controlling spacing with themes

Sorting accordion sections

Dragging-and-dropping between accordions

Including Autocompletes


Styling the default input with themes

Building data sources using select options

Using multiple data sources

Remote autocomplete filtering

Custom data and categories

Applying effects to the drop-down menu

Crafting Buttons


Making simple checklists

Controlling the spacing with buttonsets

Filling space with buttons automatically

Sorting buttons within a group

Using effects with the button hover state

Button icons and hiding text

Developing Datepickers


Working with different date formats

Making a full-sized calendar widget

Displaying month-to-month effects

Appointment reminders as tooltips

Restricting the date range

Hiding the input field

Additional calendar data and controls

Adding Dialogs


Applying effects to dialog components

Waiting for API data to load

Using icons in the dialog title

Adding actions to the dialog title

Applying effects to dialog resize interactions

Using modal dialogs for messages

Making Menus


Creating sortable menu items

Highlighting the active menu item

Using effects with menu navigation

Building menus dynamically

Controlling the position of submenus

Applying themes to submenus

Progress Bars


Displaying file upload progress

Animating progress changes

Creating progressindicator widgets

Using states to warn about thresholds

Giving progressbars labels

Using Sliders


Controlling the size of the slider handle

Removing the handle focus outline

Using master sliders and child sliders

Marking step increments

Getting range values

Changing the slider orientation

Using Spinners


Removing the input focus outline

Formatting currencies for local cultures

Formatting time for local cultures

Controlling the step between values

Specifying the spin overflow

Simplifying the spinner buttons

Using Tabs


Working with remote tab content

Giving tabs an icon

Simplifying the tab theme

Using tabs as URL navigation links

Creating effects between tab transitions

Sorting tabs using the sortable interaction

Setting the active tab using href

Using Tooltips


Changing the tooltip state

Using custom markup in tooltips

Displaying the mouse movement

Applying effects to the tooltip display

Tooltips for selected text

Widgets and More!


Accordions to tabs, and back again

Building a custom widget from scratch

Building an observer widget

Using widgets with Backbone applications