PacktLib: Building E-commerce Sites with VirtueMart Cookbook

Building E-commerce Sites with VirtueMart Cookbook


About the Author

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Setting Up Shop


Installing Joomla! 2.5 in your web space

Increasing the Joomla! session lifetime

Installing VirtueMart and the core add-ons

Familiarizing yourself with VirtueMart

Removing the VirtueMart AIO component

Creating a link to our store

Removing the currency not defined error

Filling out the company information section

Fixing the safe path warning

Setting up your company identity in VirtueMart

Creating a menu for your must-have information

Displaying the core VirtueMart menus

Merchandising VirtueMart


Adding manufacturers and manufacturer categories

Implementing your product category structure

Adding a simple product (information tab)

Adding a simple product (description tab)

Adding a simple product (status tab)

Adding a simple product (dimensions and weight tab)

Adding a simple product (images tab)

Adding similar products

Custom fields – adding consistent global information to multiple products

Custom fields – customizing products with versions and charging different prices for them

Custom fields – show related products on the product details page

Custom fields – adding customizable product text and charging per letter

Custom fields – creating groups of custom fields

Setting the sort and search options for products and categories

Shipping and Taxes




Charging for shipping by weight range

Configuring shipping by country, zone, or continent

Configuring shipping by zip code

Configuring shipping by a combination of criteria

Configuring VAT on the entire purchase (including or excluding VAT on delivery costs)

Configuring a tax to start or finish on a set date

Configuring a tax on a per-category basis

Making Your Store Look Amazing


Removing the Joomla! branding at the footer

Installing a VirtueMart template

Installing a Joomla! Template

Creating and installing a template with an Artisteer design software

Installing the Warp framework/template

Installing the Gantry framework/template

Customizing the Gantry framework/template

Uninstalling a Joomla! template

Cool header banners with jQuery and Sourcerer

Going Live


Taking payments with PayPal

Reset VirtueMart to a fresh install

Configuring countries

Configuring VirtueMart currencies

Updating VirtueMart

Creating a backup of your Joomla! VirtueMart site

Using the backup of your Joomla! VirtueMart site

Enabling SSL for sensitive areas

Shipping an order

Refunding an order

Killer SEO


Installing Piwik analytics

Setting up Piwik for Joomla!

Setting up Piwik for VirtueMart

Choosing your keywords

Creating categories in Joomla!

Creating articles in Joomla!

Making articles available in a menu

Enabling Joomla! SEF URLs

Writing great metadata

Entering your metadata into Joomla!

Entering your metadata into VirtueMart

Extending Joomla! and VirtueMart


Installing Sourcerer

Installing jQuery on Joomla! 2.5 using Sourcerer

Personalizing your store content with Sourcerer

Detecting the user's country with Sourcerer and GeoIP

Installing Weever Apps

Configuring a Weever App

Installing the VM Affiliate component

Setting up a campaign and testing it with VM Affiliate

VirtueMart Alternatives


Installing HikaShop as an alternative to VirtueMart

HikaShop quick evaluation tour

Installing RedShop as an alternative to VirtueMart

RedShop quick evaluation tour

Installing J2Store for in-article products

Configuring J2Store

Adding a product to a Joomla! article with J2Store

Installing MyMuse for digital download products

Configuring MyMuse

Adding products to MyMuse

Blueprint – Making an Android App out of Your Site Content


Installing the Java Development Kit

Installing Eclipse

Installing the Android SDK

Installing the Android Development Tools plugin

Configuring an Android emulator

Wrapping our site in an Android WebView

Testing our app on the emulator

Exporting our app to use it on a real Android device

Branding our WebView

Publishing our app on Google Play

Apps, VirtueMart, and Joomla! Resources

Apps, VirtueMart, and Joomla! Resources

Apps, VirtueMart, and Joomla! Resources

Apps, VirtueMart, and Joomla! Resources

Apps, VirtueMart, and Joomla! Resources