PacktLib: Zend Framework 2.0 by Example: Beginner’s Guide

Zend Framework 2.0 by Example Beginner's Guide


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Getting Started with Zend Framework 2.0

Zend Framework 2.0

Introduction to Zend Server Community Edition (CE)

Time for action – installing Zend Server CE

Time for action – configuring Zend Server CE


Time for action – installing MySQL

Time for action – creating a database


Building Your First Zend Framework Application



Time for action – creating a Zend Framework project

Zend Framework 2.0 – modules

Time for action – creating a module

MVC layer

Zend Framework module – folder structure

Time for action – creating controllers and views

Zend Framework module – configuration

Time for action – modifying module configuration


Creating a Communication Application


Time for action – creating a registration form

Form validation

Time for action – adding validation to the registration form

Models and database access

Time for action – creating models and saving the form

Time for action – user authentication


Data Management and Document Sharing

Zend Framework 2 ServiceManager

Time for action – migrating existing code to ServiceManager

Database operations

Time for action – implementing an admin UI to manage users

Document management

Time for action – creating a file upload form

Managing file sharing

Time for action – implementing a file sharing system


Chat and E-mail

Layouts and views

Time for action – using jQuery UI in a simple page

Building a simple group chat

Time for action – creating a simple group chat application

Sending mails

Time for action – creating a simple e-mail form


Time for action – setting module layout using ZF events


Media Sharing

External modules

Resizing images

Time for action – resizing images using modules

The Photo gallery application

Time for action – implementing a simple photo gallery

Google Data APIs

Time for action – fetching photos from Google Photos

YouTube Data API

Time for action – listing YouTube videos for a keyword


Search Using Lucene

Introduction to Lucene

Time for action – installing ZendSearch\Lucene


Time for action – generating a Lucene index


Time for action – displaying search results

Indexing Microsoft Office documents

Time for action – indexing document files


Creating a Simple Store

Shopping cart

Time for action – creating a store front

The store administration

Time for action – creating the Store Admin interface

Payments with PayPal

Time for action – setting up PayPal

PayPal Express Checkout

Time for action – accepting payments using PayPal


HTML5 Support

HTML5 input elements

Time for action – HTML5 input elements

HTML5 view helpers

Time for action – HTML5 view helpers

HTML5 attributes

Time for action – HTML5 multiple file uploads


Building Mobile Applications

Cloud-connected mobile applications

Time for action – configuring your phpCloud account

Time for action – building your first cloud-connected mobile application

Native applications versus mobile web applications

Time for action – testing as a native application

Zend Server Gateway

Time for action – creating a mobile search interface


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