PacktLib: Android Development Tools for Eclipse

Android Development Tools for Eclipse


About the Authors

About the Reviewer


Installing Eclipse, ADT, and SDK

Introducing the Android platform

What is Android?

Preparing for Android development

Linking the Android SDK to the Eclipse


Important Features of the IDE

Project explorer

Code editor

Graphical user interface designer

Properties window

Debugging pane

Dalvik Debug Monitor Server (DDMS)

SDK manager

Android virtual device manager

Running the Application

Getting help


Creating a New Android Project

Creating a new Android application project

String resources

Using the graphical layout designer

The XML layout code editor

Widget interactions through the source code editor

Toast message

Running the application on the emulator

Running the application on an Android device


Incorporating Multimedia Elements

Adding a TableLayout

Adding the image resources

Adding ImageView

Adding ImageButtons

Assigning the widget's ID

ImageButtons and handling event

Adding audio

Adding another screen in the app

Adding HTML to WebView

Intent and Activity

The final product run and test


Adding RadioButton, CheckBox, Menu, and Preferences

Creating a new project

Adding a RadioGroup, RadioButton, and a TextField

Adding a CheckBox

Adding a menu

Defining the Strings

Defining the Preference screen

Hook up

Run the application


Handling Multiple Screen Types

Using wrap_content and match_parent


Running the application

Optimizing for tablet

Persisting the state information during the state transition


Adding an External Library

Creating an account at the AdMob website

Running the application


Signing and Distributing APK

APK – Android package

Preparing for release

Using the Eclipse ADT for release

Publishing to Google Play