PacktLib: Creating Mobile Apps with jQuery Mobile

Creating Mobile Apps with jQuery Mobile


About the Author

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Prototyping jQuery Mobile

The game has changed

The mobile usage pattern

HTML prototyping versus drawing

Getting our hands dirty with small business



A Mom-and-Pop Mobile Website

A new jQuery Mobile boilerplate

The global JavaScript

The global CSS

Breaking the HTML into a server side template

What we need to create our site

Linking to phones, e-mails, and maps

The resulting first page

Getting the user to our mobile site


Analytics, long forms, and frontend validation

Google Static Maps

Long and multi-page forms

Integrating jQuery Validate

E-commerce tracking with Google Analytics


QR Codes, Geolocation, Google Maps API, and HTML5 Video

QR codes


Integrating the Google Maps API

Geek-out moment—GPS monitoring

Linking and embedding video


Client-side Templating, JSON APIs, and HTML5 Web Storage

Client-side templating

Patching into JSON APIs (Twitter)

Programmatically changing pages

Generated pages and DOM weight management

Leveraging RSS feeds

HTML5 Web Storage

Leveraging the Google Feeds API


HTML5 Audio

HTML5 Audio

Fixed position persistent toolbars (really!?)

Controlling HTML5 Audio with JavaScript

HTML5 Audio in iOS is different

The all-in-one solution (multipage made useful)

Saving to the home screen with HTML5 manifest


Fully Responsive Photography

Creating a basic gallery using PhotoSwipe

Supporting the full range of device sizes – responsive web design

Text readability and responsive design

Cycling background images

Another responsive approach – RESS

The final code


Integrating jQuery Mobile into Existing Sites

Detecting mobile – server-side, client-side, and the combination of the two

Mobilizing full-site pages – the hard way

Mobilizing full-site pages – the easy way


Content Management Systems and jQM

The current CMS landscape

WordPress and jQuery Mobile

Updating your WordPress and Drupal templates

Adobe Experience Manager


Putting It All Together – Flood.FM

A Taste of Balsamiq

Organizing your code

Introduction to the Web Audio API

Prompting the user to install your app

New device-level hardware access

To app or not to app, that is the question

PhoneGap versus Apache Cordova